Prime Digital Academy

I’m a proud graduate of Prime Digital Academy’s Software Engineering program. This 18-week program teaches students full-stack software engineering using the MEAN Stack.

As a portion of the program, I created two software projects for local businesses.

Managing a law firm’s communication (Solo Project):

A local law firm faced an onslaught of information. Within cases, communication comes can come from insurance companies, legal entities and clients involved in the case. Multiple people within the law firm, including paralegals and the head attorney, work with a case as it progresses. When a client calls the law-firm, working to provide up-to-the-minute information can be challenging.

I created a solution so that all employees are able to instantly see the most recent information available for each case. The head attorney can also delegate tasks, helping the office run more efficiently.

Software Demo:

Username: LUDSTUEN (* username is case sensitive *)
Password: ‘asdf’
Available Client IDs: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Technologies used: Node.JS, Express, Angular, PostgreSQL and GIT.

Helping a dragon boat racing team win (Group Project):

Dragon boat racing takes place all over the United States. The boats resemble dragons — a tradition stretching back to ancient China. We worked with the Mālia Paddling & Racing Club, based in Burlington, Vt. The team travels to races to races located all over the region.

The racing team would book one hotel for its racing events. Confusion arose in tracking the guests for each hotel. Paddlers might elect to stay in the hotel block by themselves. They could also invite family or friends to stay in the hotel room with them. Alternatively, other paddlers might have a family or friend located in the same city as the race, and prefer to stay with them, instead of the hotel with the team.

Our application allows team coaches to survey paddlers regarding their lodging interest for each event. Then, once the team has reserved a block of rooms, paddlers can sign themselves (and their family or friends) up for a hotel room slot.

The process makes booking hotel rooms much easier, and allows Team Mālia to focus more on what matters — winning.

Software Demo:

Username: tkaranikolas (* username is case sensitive *)
Password: ‘asdf’

Technologies used: Node.JS, GIT, Angular, Angular Material, Bootstrap, XEditable and PostgreSQL.